We work for the right to a quality, inclusive, and transformative education for

children, youth, and adults



We are a Development NGO created in 1992 by the Teresian Association, which is committed to a transformative education that generates active and committed participation in favor of justice, gender equity, and social and environmental sustainability.



An organization that promotes educational processes that lead to personal and collective change in favor of social justice, equity, and care for people and nature, open to participation and dialogue with groups and people from different countries.



We foster values such as coherence, caring for people and the planet, equity, co-responsibility, participation, solidarity and transparency in our actions.



We see volunteering in terms of participation and the promotion of civic responsibility.

We work with individuals and organizations from different countries and cultures, especially with those whose rights are most violated: disadvantaged children, women, rural communities, indigenous populations.

Special School – India

Pedro Poveda Special School was started in 1986. It was SARPI's response to meet the need of a particular sector of society A School to serve the needs of the mentally challenged children and slow learners through Special Education and pre-vocational training. Pedro Poveda Special School aims at serving the needs of those who are living in the rural areas. 

It aims at the total and holistic development of mentally challenged children. It is specially designed to meet the needs of children ranging from 5 to 18 years, for special education and vocational training while at the same time promoting their full integration to their respective communities.

Words of solidarity

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InteRed in the world

Our commitment to transparency

Transparency and accountability are basic principles for InteRed. Therefore, our budget and expenses are audited annually by external audits. We also evaluate all our projects to measure the impact and effectiveness of our work. InteRed successfully passes the transparency and good governance evaluation conducted by the the State Coordinator of Development NGOs. It is an NGO accredited by the Loyalty Foundation.

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