Solidarity project. Building opportunities through education

  • Fecha: 17 de Junio de 2023

"You don't have to be rich to give, it's enough to be good". Saint Pedro Poveda

"This is a special date in our history and we can't think of a better way to celebrate it than sharing our gratitude for life by dedicating our birthday gifts to a solidarity project that helps other people to achieve their dreams".

So your best Solidarity Gift for our celebration can be made through a donation to the InteRed account:

Please write "Rocío y José Solidarity Gift" in the concept "Rocío y José".


Education is the key to building a better future

Transformative education in vulnerable populations is a powerful tool that makes a difference in their lives, as it goes beyond teaching basic knowledge, it focuses on providing them with tools that strengthen their knowledge and skills, so that they can contribute and be part of their own development and that of the communities to which they belong.

Receiving a quality education helps reduce poverty, increases economic opportunities, fosters participation and self-awareness, and improves people's life prospects and dignity.

At InteRed, we work to provide development opportunities that transform the lives of girls, boys, young people and women whose rights are most violated in 13 countries in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa, and we do so through projects that promote the right to education, such as the Karibuni Library.


Karibuni Library: A haven of learning and growth in the slums of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Karibuni Library project is committed to educational and social development in three neighbourhoods of Kinshasa: Selembao, Bumbu and Kitambo. The library becomes a welcoming space that offers much more than books. At Karibuni, we provide children, young people and adults with opportunities for their personal growth and professional future.

Through the children's spaces, we promote reading encouragement and fun through games and interactive activities. We believe in awakening a love of reading from an early age, thus encouraging the habit of learning and imagination. We also strive to ensure that girls have equal access to education by offering a scholarship programme that facilitates their academic participation and development. But we don't just focus on children; we also work to improve the quality of education in general. We implement training programmes for teachers in Kinshasa's charter schools, providing them with up-to-date pedagogical tools and resources. We want to empower them to deliver quality education, thus creating a lasting impact on the community.


In short, at the Karibuni Library you will find an enriching space where you will be able to access up-to-date educational proposals, pedagogical resources and documentaries. We are committed to promoting the personal and professional development of children, young people and adults in the neighbourhoods of Kinshasa, generating a positive impact on educational and social improvement.

Inspiring social engagement

Rocío and José know that in many countries, such as those where InteRed works, there are serious inequalities in access to education. Children face barriers such as family poverty, lack of teaching resources, lack of libraries and adequate study spaces in the home, and lack of resources and teacher training, among others.

They also believe that "A fairer and more caring world can be built with the participation of all people" and that is why they invite you to be part of this gesture of solidarity with which you will also be helping to transform lives.

Thank you very much Rocío and José for this solidarity event that helps to transform lives!